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Twice Blessed {Susan Wall – Bundaberg Family Photographer}

Ray and Jody are the kind of people you meet and instantly warm to them. I remember so clearly the day Jody rang me regarding her wedding day here and I knew that we would work well together. Their wedding in Bundaberg was beautiful.

Their wedding day was full of love and laughter. You can only imagine how excited I was to run into Jody and hear the exciting news that they were pregnant…with TWINS!

When Bambi, Willow and myself decided to launch Twins Project 2013 I thought of Ray and Jody and hoped they would take part in this, as I adore them. Well yippee they certainly did. It was my privilege to call into the Sunshine Coast on the way home from Brisbane one weekend and photograph them. More laughs were had.

Angus and Harriet are just gorgeous and certainly have the twin bond that I adore. Like the best of friends!

Enjoy these:




Another baby Theo

As I mentioned in my previous entry here I was fortunate enough to meet and  photograph two beautiful baby Theo’s in the same week. And aren’t they both just scrumptious?

Tahsin and Michelle trusted me as their wedding photographer – at a time when Bundaberg was flooding in 2010 – and I was so excited and honoured to know they were coming back to share their new baby with me. Watching families grow certainly is a gift indeed!

These guys are such an adorable little family – full of love!


Baby Theo – {Bundaberg Newborn Photographer}

What are the chances of having two baby boys born a day apart, both over 10 pound in weight and both named the same? Well I have to say that when this happened I was spun out. I was excited too as it meant that I got to photograph two chunky little boys the same week.

Theo was such a dream to photograph, just like his big brother Harrison here! You have to admit that Nikki and Gerrard do  have the most gorgeous little ones. All that hair too!!

This family is one that I just adore, each and every time I have the pleasure of meeting and photographing them.


Grant and Lauren – {Bundaberg Wedding Photographer}

Grant and Lauren; hmmmm how do I express this amazing day in words? Really?

Some that come to mind are: romantic, emotional, stunning, reflective, supportive, fun, excitement…..

Grant loves Lauren in that way that you literally see when you see the way he looks at her. You know that look right? That look of “I just can’t seem to get enough of you”. When Lauren looks at Grant I see her admiration and respect that is all encased with love.

These guys were surrounded by friends and family that were positive, excited and so supportive. It is always beautiful to see how much the guest at a wedding support and love the newly wedded couple.

The beautiful ceremony was held at Riverside Retreat which is just outside of Bundaberg, yet as peaceful as the middle of nowhere. For the photographs we didn’t need to venture too far as Riverside Retreat is a treat for photographers as it has a huge selection of locations.

Grant and Lauren (and the gorgeous bridal party) you were just amazing to photograph. Thank you for allowing me to be there as you began your marriage journey.


To Prop or Not to Prop?

Did you know that just like any other part of our lives photography also goes through fashion trends. Things change with fashion in general and photography seems to follow that same trend.

An example right now would be the vintage trend. Isn’t it just beautiful? Flowers in cute little jars, lace, ribbons, bunting and I could go on. These things are all so sweet, feminine and in high demand right at this moment.

Just like fashion there is nothing (and I sincerely mean nothing) wrong with wishing to use props in images. It can be super effective and beautiful. As a timeless photographer I wanted to share why I personally am not following this current (or any other) fashion trend.

You might be thinking “hang on a minute Susan Wall – you do have props in your images, I see them on your blog here”. Well you would be correct indeed. BUT these props are there entirely for a reason; and that reason is not fashion trends. A teddy bear in an image belongs to that child, has a story. A violin in an image is played by the child holding it etc.

Props with meaning, that’s where I am coming from. The prop is used as a way of telling the individual or families story. It is a part of who they are. Some families don’t use props at all, and that too is more then ok.

Here are some examples of props in photographs I have taken:

Higgins -SW3_1751-1

I want images to out last any type of fashion trend and to not look dated on your walls. The only thing that should age your image is in fact that the subjects are now older. That’s it. I certainly understand – and support – that my style of photography isn’t for every single person, just as fluro clothing isn’t for everyone also. That is why it is important for our industry to have a lot of choices of professional photographers – we need options that suit individuals.

Some examples of images that won’t date, at any stage:

Snell -6583



Susan Betts

I don’t like unrealistic props. Eg children/babies in unnatural positions or wearing over the top costumes. Eg. I would prefer a natural pose of a baby sleeping over a a baby wearing butterfly wings.It takes away from the child’s natural nature shining through! I like unobtrusive backgrounds or even the family in the park with the dog and objects that would normally be part of a day in the park.

Tracy Olive

Hi Susan. I am no expert but have an opinion no doubt. I believe that a picture may be made into a work of art that will hange on our wall for a very long time through our lives and then some times when we are gone. For a very long time we look, we see and we remember………the kids in your georgeous works of art will forever look and grow with this memory of their favorite toy, pet or place and they will walk past in the years to come and show their own children that warmth. You, I believe are so right these valuable posessions photographed are then captured in time, created by an artist and hung on our walls to be cherished for generations. They are suttle and meaningfull and never take away from the reason there was a photograph at all!! The people, the personality, the love, the life, the capture in time and the celebration! Your work is so beautiful Susan, I admire you and your beautiful style keep bucking those trends and continue to amaze and inspire us.


I am a fan of both propping (on trend) and non propping. I tend to feel that there are times when either choice can result in a beautiful timeless image. May I ask what camera brand you use? I love Canon, but I notice a lot of Bundaberg’s top photographers use Nikon. X

Love it Susan, and agree! I love that your style is timeless. Sometimes props can be fun, but you’re right when you say that they often date with trends. I enjoy looking through photos with props that obviously mean something to the family/person in the pictures. I absolutely love the photo of the twin boys – something about it is so captivating!