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It is time to stop blinking.

I remember my Dad walking into the hospital room to meet my first baby girl. He said to me “don’t blink Suse, don’t blink”…Dad is the king of “Dad jokes” so I looked at him like he was a lunatic. He then explained to me that 20 years ago he blinked and now his very own baby has a baby. Of all the advice I was given as a fresh, young and nervous Mother this was one that I held onto. And one that certainly counted!

My daughters (and husband) are my entire world. Together the 4 of us are strong, adventurous and very blessed. Of late though I have felt like I have started to “blink” and it needs to be slowed down. My girls are now entering a stage of their lives that they need even more time, they need a lot of guidance and love. And of course they need a watchful eye over them as they start to wish for way too much freedom. Gosh, how do I do that???

Miranda our eldest daughter is well into high school and I am still finding myself sitting here trying to believe that I am a Mother to a teenage girl. Where is my cute little piggy tailed toddler that LOVED to read, paint and watch Barney the Dinosaur (quietly I don’t miss Barney)? My eyes are blinking and I need it to slow down!

Photography is amazing and I am so thankful for what it has bought into my families lives. We have met some of our closest friends through the industry, travelled due to it and been able to give back through it also. I am so thankful for the journey that photography has taken us all on. And I am very excited for more amazing photography things to happen.

What am I trying to get to I hear you say?

For some time now we have realised that our work/life balance isn’t where we want and desire it to be. When working like crazy in my business I was able to due to my husband (Don) being able to allow more time to be at home with the girls and do their activities, homework, cooking etc with them. Lately that has changed, excitedly his business is now well established and really going strong. He needs to focus on that and also needs my help with his work flow. It is exciting and exactly what we had planned and hoped for. The hard work has certainly paid off for us all.

With this success though has come the ultimate price of time, something  we all need more of and can’t replace. This is what I am getting at.

All of 2o14 has seen me quietly conflicted as to how to achieve the balance that as a family we wish for. How do I do that and also keep doing what I am doing? After 3 weeks away as a family the decision came, it wasn’t easy and I sat in an amazing location crying. I cried as I knew it was the right thing to do, I cried also as I have worked so tirelessly on my business to get it to where it is. And I also cried as I knew that it would be hard for me to make the change. But most of all I cried as I was so relieved that I am fortunate to make this decision, to allow us to blink slower. It needs to happen.

From April 2015 I will no longer photograph weddings.

From this day onwards I won’t be taking on any further wedding bookings. Those that are already booked  shall be photographed and together you can help me celebrate and embrace an end of an era for my business. I am excited to share this moment with some amazing people by my side!

Portraits shall be limited to week days only, and limited bookings are available. Please book well in advance if you wish for your portraits to be taken.

I wanted to thank some key people before I share some happy snaps from our holiday – it’s what life is about isn’t it? Snaps and memories…..

Rob and Shirl Heyman have been my mentors and thanks to them today I can type this very entry. Thanks to them and their guidance 100% of the way I have been able to get to a point in my business that I decide as to what shall happen. They are my “photography  parents” and I love them as parents. You guys have impacted our 4 lives more then you shall ever know and you both hold a very special part in our hearts.

To Bambi and Willow you two girls are two of the best things that photography ever gave to me, thank you for being my amazing friends. I love you both.

To Lorena, you have listened and cheered me on every single step of the way and you are such a support to me. Thank you for being a rock of a friend. I can’t wait to see you next week and celebrate who we are right now.

To my mentoring group of friends: you guys have been there for me and seen the ups and downs and always have had amazing ideas. The food was almost as good as your company at get togethers hehe! I can’t wait to see you all again and eat!! Thank you for love.

To my AMAZING couples that have allowed me to photograph their most special of days. Thank you for the memories, thank you for the laughs and thank you for the tears I shed watching you all being the beautiful people you are. To have been part of your days was an honour and one that I shall always hold close to me. I won’t ever forget each and every one of you and what we shared. I loved each wedding individually and enjoyed each one also. I will miss this!

To my family: Don, Miranda and Georgia. Together we are going to get those goals, travel the world and make memories that fill our hearts forever more. I love that you guys have allowed me to take this journey and now also stop it too. Your support is immeasurable.I can’t wait to see you all each Saturday, to be at each dress rehearsal and dancing concert – bring on the glitter!!

I am so sad to close this post, but relieved to not yet fully blink.




I am incredibly proud of you Suse, and I will always be here for you if you ever need. Love you xx

Good for you Suse! What a great decision to make and I know it wouldn’t have been easy, but your girls will be grown and gone too soon and there will be plenty of years left to get back to weddings if that’s what you want to do. But these years are precious…take it from someone whose babies are starting to fly from the nest one by one. Enjoy. every. moment xx


You are amazing Susan, what ever you do you will succeed. Enjoy your family time.

Michelle shield

Susan u truly are one remarkable lady and I have one just begun to know u.
Thank u for being such a beautiful blessing. You will love the journey ahead
Embrace it with both hands and capture the memories of ur families goals in ur heart because in ur heart they will never die.
Love Michelle

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